4 thoughts on “Hacked By XwoLfTn

  1. Very nice read and good job fixing the example ;-D!

    Where and how is the variable paused controlled? Is there some kind of callback being called when the app is paused (e.g. as soon as one switches to the home screen)?

  2. Thanks Martin ;)

    The pause variable is set (and unset) by the same callbacks as in the Lunar Lander example: surfaceCreated() and surfaceDestroyed(). Only this time I don’t stop the thread completly, just put it in “idle”.

  3. I see.

    Other question: how did you debug / find the offending lines in the first place? Are there any tools available for Android?

  4. Since the code is available, I just checked out the project, set some breakpoints and connected the debugger to my phone. With the Android plugin for eclipse this is just a matter of seconds! The plugin is really good, you really should have a look at it. There is a Google talk about the Android development tools from this years Google IO:

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